Sunday, November 9, 2008

Shenyang food - International and Seafood Buffet

Interesting buffet selection.. Everywhere in China, there bound to be without fail, a number of international hotels serving international and seafood buffet.

Likewise in Shenyang, hotels like: Sheraton, Marriot, Traders, Holiday Inn and Lexington are serving international buffets. However, in terms of variety and spread, none of the above will beat the Golden Jaguar. At RMB260 a person, it is even more expensive than the hotels. In terms of size, variety and selection; Golden Jaguar certainly beat the hotel hands down!

Located at "华府天地" a sprawling shopping mall, it is an accessible place for shoppers although the mall is not 100% tenanted.

An alternative to the posh and ambience of hotels buffet and vastness and depth of Golden Jaguar, is a local restaurant serving seafood buffet name "全记". Located next to the old Shenyang zoo, it is a place to go for crabs. Priced at RMB88 a person, it is economical baring ambience and service.

Fresh prawns,shellfish and crabs are the mainstay. Collect the crustaceans and simply put them in the hot pot provided. Viola, crabs, prawns and shellfish al dente.. Nothing beats the taste of freshly cooked seafood.

全记海鲜自助城,沈阳市大东区大什字街3号, 24347999, 24836555


Anonymous said...

Yep, 全记 is really value for money.

Anonymous said...

Lexington Hotel dinner buffet is uninteresting and tantamount to simply awful.

Do not waste your time and money.

Anonymous said...

Had a wonderful lunch buffet at Golden Jaguar. The spread was fantastic for the price of RMB180 per head.

Definitely a place to go for international food buffet in Shenyang.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Golden jaguar is the place to go for international food buffet.

The food spread is the longest. They have western food, asian food, Thai food, local Shenyang food.

I dun think I have ever come across a spread as long in Singapore or Malaysia.

Thanks for recommending.

Anonymous said...

Tried the Sheraton Buffet with a couple of friends. For the price you are paying you might as well go to Golden Jaguar.

Anonymous said...

Tried 全记 with a couple of friends. Normal restaurant with no service and decor. Apart from that, the crabs are great..

Great value for money. Not a place for entertainment.