Thursday, November 6, 2008

Shenyang Food - Fish Porridge

Last week, a couple of friends decided to try this new restaurant " 知鱼湾" located at "五里河街". The entrance to the restaurant is unassuming, decoration wise, well nothing to crow about.

According to the waiter, all their seafood are imported from Hainan Island. Well to us, it is not where you import the seafood from, it is the way how the seafood are prepared and the quality of the raw ingredients.

Tried the live oyster at RMB10 per piece. Must say that it is good and goes well with the wasabe and soya sauce combination.

The fish porridge and the fish soup is a must try. We also tried the 3 colour noodles. The noodles are freshly made with carrot and spinach juice which gives the distinctive colouring. I would give the noodles a thumb up as they are cooked to perfection , a little springy and not soggy.

It is quite a reasonable price restaurant. For three of us, the total bill came to RMB180. This is one restaurant which I will certainly go back for the fish porridge.

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Anonymous said...

Love the fish porridge, fish soup and the 3 color noodles.