Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Shenyang Food - Duck Soup Steam Boat or Hot Pot

Winter is approaching, what is better than to have a group of friends sharing a meal of steam boat or hot pot. That's precisely what we did. Except that, we had a different kind of steam boat - Duck Soup Steam Boat (Hot Pot)

Mention hot pot or steam boat in Shenyang and most of the locals will mentioned "国府肥牛", "东来顺" or "小肥羊" which used either chicken stock or pork bone stock or beef bone stock for their soup base. What my friends and I ate the other day was "duck soup" steam boat.

The taste of the soup was excellent with the right tint of duck aroma. A whole duck was used in the steam boat soup stock and the meat is enough for a diner of 4 adults without ordering the usual company of beef or mutton slices.

I would recommend only vegetables and mushrooms to go with the duck steam boat for a group of 4. If the duck meat is not enough, it is not too late to order mutton or beef slices.

We finished off the meal with their home made noodles, which I must say came as a surprise in shape and texture and taste. The noodles come in a round dough. After we finish off the duck, vegetables and mushrooms than the waitress will come to stretch the dough into long thin slices and put it into the soup. The noodles was excellent.

It reminds me of one of my favorite dish in Singapore,the "salted vegetables duck soup" except that no salted vegetables.

The restaurant is small compared to "国府肥牛" or "东来顺", decoration nothing much to crow about. Heck, we only come for the food. For a diner of 4, the whole meal cost RMB130 without drinks. For the interested foodies:

千方老鸭汤 located at 沈阳市和平区南八马路125号. 024-23392066

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