Thursday, November 6, 2008

Shenyang food - local delicacy

Local info regarding food in Shenyang which was extracted from the web:

Laobian Dumpling Feast

Man and Han Whole feast
Laobian Dumpling Restaurant
  As a domestically renowned traditional food with a 170-year history, the Laobian Dumpling is notable for its thin skin, full stuffing, good smell and delicious taste. After generations of innovation by chefs, the restaurant now offers more than 100 types of dumplings as well as dumpling feasts.

Ma's Shaomai (Stuffed Dumpling with Dough Gathering at the Top) Restaurant
  As the earliest restaurant set up by the Hui people in Shenyang, this restaurant boasts a history of more than 200 years. Its Stuffed Steamed Dumpling is famous for exquisite material selection, hand-made wrapping and traditional techniques. The cooked Dumplings are crystal-like and delicious in taste.

Shenyang Flavour Restaurant
  Daling in local snacks, the restaurant is a famous old landmark. Its main items include Beiyang Dumpling, Kaifeng Juicy Steamed Stuffed Bun, Shandong Fried Dumpling, etc., with each having its unique flavor.

Na's Restaurant
  Located on the Qing Dynasty Street of Shenyang, the restaurant is more than 120 years old. Stewed Meat, its traditional dish, is famous for fresh materials, exquisite preparation and excellent sauces. Na's Meat in Jar is based on a traditional recipe and has a golden color and rich flavor.

Laosiji Stretched Noodle Restaurant
  As a unique noodle restaurant in Shenyang, Laosiji offers nine different types of noodles accompanied by chicken soup and typical Fuling Pickled Mustard Tuber.

Yang's Baked Cake and Roast Duck Restaurant
  Established by Yang Yutian in Tao'an, Jilin Province, in 1913, the restaurant now is nearly 90 yearly 90 years old. Its baked cake is distinguished with a golden color, crisp skin, tender inside and delicious taste. It has special processing techniques.

Korean Restaurant
  Located in the Xita, Shenyang, the restaurant has gained widespread acclaim for its exquisite materials, excellent processing and typical Korean flavor. Its patent product, Xita Cold Noodle, is honored a Top Cold Noodle. All kinds of Korean cold dishes make strictly according to traditional Korean recipes are also available.

Laoshan's Haicheng Pie Restaurant
  Located at 131 Nanwu Street, Heping District, the Haicheng Pie Restaurant uses lean pork and beef as it main ingredients, garnished with seasonable vegetables as well as sauces made from lilies and another 10 herbs. The pie is carefully baked and has a divine and tender taste.

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