Monday, November 24, 2008

Shenyang Food - Indian Restaurant

Indian food in Shenyang???.. An incredible yearning for tandoori chicken, masala, naan and lassi overcame my moment of madness. Hey, nothing venture nothing gain. Why not give it a try.

With an air of doubt and disbelief that the taste can be as good as those Indian restaurants in Shanghai, I grudgingly accepted an offer to organise a Indian food dinner in Shenyang.

Moments after diligently searching the web, I managed to find the address. Easy to find location. Paakwaan Indian Restaurant, near the American Consulate and behind Heidi Restaurant. No problem at all.

A group of 5 descend upon the Indian at dinner time. Restaurant was empty, only 2 diners. Oh no, not a very good sign.

Since we are in the tiger's den, there is no backing out now... Took a look at the menu. First impression was not too bad. All my yearning was there; tandoori chicken, masala, garlic naan, and even lassi. My confident in the restaurant raised a notch. It scaled even higher when I found out from the waiter that the cook hail from India.

We ordered samosa, tandoori chicken, mix vegetables masala, chicken curry, fish masala, cauliflower curry, chicken briyani rice and off course lassi.

Verdict: Lassi was expensive at RMB18 per cup. The food taste rather authentic albeit on the high side. The chicken briyani is nothing like what we get in Singapore or Malaysia. It is more like fried rice with chicken. Tandoori chicken is rather tasty and the accompanying mint sauce adds flavour to this dish. The caulifower and mix vegtables masala are not too bad. Taste of the fish masala was not too bad although it could do with fresher fish.

For those who loves Indian food, go try but forget about the lassi and chicken briyani.

和平区南三经街39号: 024-22713099

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