Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Shenyang Food - Charcoal Steam Boat or Hot Pot

The other hot pot or steam boat that I like was the "广乐宫" which uses charcoal flame instead of gas flame.

Once you stepped into the restaurant, the decoration will amaze you. With definitive attention to details and with matching colour scheme, it looks like a high end Chinese restaurant rather than a ordinary steam boat or hot pot restaurant.

To describe this hot pot restaurant as ordinary is a culinary sin. The selection of meat and seafood are absolutely top notch for its freshness and quality. Even the vegetables and mushrooms are pre- wash before ending up on the dining table.

To me, hot pot or steam boat is all about flame. Hot pot is all about slow cooking and getting the the ultimate taste and texture. Too intense a heat will spoil the taste and texture of the meat and seafood.

With a gas flame, the heat is too intense and the food get cooked too fast. Once a food get cook too fast, you will not get to taste its natural flavour. This type of flame is not suitable for slow cooking as it tends to break up the protein in the meat, which make the meat a bit hard and chewy.

Call me a traditionalist, for me the ideal hot pot must be heated by charcoal flame. The charcoal flame cooked the meat slowly and give it a more rounded and less chewy taste. This way, you could taste the freshness and goodness of the meat.

Service is good. Price is reasonable giving its ambience and services. The bill for a party of 4 comes to about RMB280.

I would rate it as a must try for hot pot.

广乐宫 located at 和平区文体西路68号; 024-23921888

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Anonymous said...

I prefer 国府肥牛 as it got individual hot pot.