Thursday, November 20, 2008

Shenyang Food - Cantonese Soup

One of the better value for money Cantonese soup restaurant which I visited quite frequently is "汤城一品" located at "沈河区文艺路地王国际花园西门南侧(文化路小学对面) 83962000".

The soup is reminiscent of the traditional double boiled Cantonese soup. It also serves one of the best roasted pork in Shenyang. With the right amount of meat and fat and crispy skin, it is absolutely delicious.

Enough accolades on the roast pork. Back to the soup which the restaurant is famous for. No need to go for the expensive version, just go for the average price version at about RMB45 to RMB70 per pot, you will not regret it. The "pot" version is enough for a group of 4.

The style of cooking is predominantly Cantonese. The fare is above average. A better alternative to Gulf Boy Hong Kong Tea Restaurant.

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Anonymous said...

Good place for soup and Cantonese food. Price is reasonable. Much better than Gulf Boy.