Monday, January 12, 2009

Korean Food

One thing I like about Shenyang is the number of Korean Restaurants, be it low end or high end. There is bound to be one that suit your budget and taste buds.

Although there many Korean Restaurants located in various parts of Shenyang, there is a place where many of the commercial and family run restaurants are located. "西塔" (Xita) is so called the Korean street. Many KTVs, restaurants, saunas, drinking holes and supermarts catering to the Korean community run amok in this enclave no bigger than 5 football fields. If you need anything Korean, if you can't find it here; look no further.

Xita has got a multitude of restaurants serving Korean BBQ, Ginseng chicken soup, kimchi, korean pancake, raw octopus, etc. For those who dare to venture and not care about the ambiance and amenities. Go forth to the small lanes of Xita and you will discover a world of unparalleled Korean cuisines.

百帝园 is one place to go if you are entertaining on company's account. Good ambiance and $$$$. Located at 图门路72号 , 024-23470008

牡丹馆 is a unique Korean Restaurant run by North Korea. Nightly Korean cultural shows are the highlight of this restaurant. Do not be surprise if you see the performers serving you as most of the waitresses double up onstage singing and dancing. Located at沈阳和平区西塔街93号庆会楼斜对面 牡丹馆 电话:024-23471791, this is the place to entertain your VIPs.

For the budget conscious, go to 依腾生鱼片, located at 沈阳和平区西塔街浑春路北街6号1-1-3, near西塔街. It is value for money.

In all Korean Restaurants, go for the raw fish set. This set does not only come with sashimi and at least 5 side dishes. The raw fish set would be enough for a group of 4-5. Not only can you savour the fresh sashimi, you will also get to taste their house specials without pondering what to order.


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