Monday, September 1, 2008

Shenyang Food - Vegetarian Restaurant

Vegatarian Restaurant (宽巷子located at Thirteen Wei Road)

When one think about eating vegetarian food, the first thought that come to mind is "eating grass", the second being "eating flour or gluten".

Going for a vegetarian meal can be quite challenging. Depending on what you had ordered; its best to have a healthy mix of gluten or soy based products, mushrooms and leafy vegetables. You do not want to end up eating gluten for the entire meal. Again, it depends on what you want and dare to venture.

Surprisingly, the vegetarian meal that I had in Shenyang was quite a pleasant experience. This vegatarian restaurant, or rather, the only vegetarian restaurant in Shenyang served delectable vegetarian cusine in a comfortable environment. The only complaint was that; it is a smoking friendly environment. It will be good if it could at least have a smoke free area. Well that was wishful thinking on my part, especially in Northern China.

Back to the food. For starter, we had "lamb kebabs". Very tasty, and with healthy dose of spices, it actually taste very "meaty". We also had the "Smoke duck", it was good with paper thin pancakes and chives. We had stir fried mushrooms which to me was rather liberal in the use of sauces which overhelms the aroma of the mushroom. The "Fish cooked in oil" was rather good. A mastertouch to this simple dish was the use of a slice of bread to soak up the oil when eating the "fish". For the daring, a glass of bitter gourd juice gives an excellent dose of natural anti-oxidants.

For a price of around RMB140 for a meal for 4 person, I must say that it is quite value for money. I would recommend this eating hole for those who like and dislike vegetarian food. To those who dislike vegetarian food, my humble advice; decide after trying.

At this moment, being the only vegetarian restaurant in town (the other one under renovation), it leaves the spiritual, habitual and part time vegetarian foodie a delightful eating place to enjoy sumptious vegetarian food.


Anonymous said...

The vegetarian fried vermicelli "粉丝" is quite good. Forget about the fried rice cakes "炒年糕"

Anonymous said...

Still the best vegetarian restaurant in town. The other one next to 慈恩寺,pales in comparison in terms of quality and presentation.